New illustrations by Cape Town’s Jean de Wet

Nina Torr Reader Find

By Nina Torr in New Illustration on Saturday 22 December 2012

Jean de Wet is a Cape Town-based illustrator working predominantly with pen on paper. His illustrations display a fine balance between obsession and restraint. Despite the overwhelming detail, they have a calmness about them. I have one hanging in my living room and it’s one of those pieces you always end up looking at for a long time. Check out his blog and tumblr for more images.

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New drawings by Paul White

Paul White Reader Find

By Paul White in New Art on Friday 21 December 2012

I am interested in the abandoned and obsolete in relation to contemporary culture. My recent drawings focused on the modern detritus frozen within the deserts of California and Arizona. Here in the majestic and desolate landscapes, objects of mobility such as planes, cars and other vehicles lay motionless and frozen in time. This imagery is […]

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New art by Miss Cassie

Summersteps Records Reader Find

By Summersteps Records in New Art on Thursday 20 December 2012

Okay, full disclosure, Miss Cassie is my wife and no longer technically a Miss, I suppose. Her artwork is dense and complicated, full of pathos, and never fails to inspire me. Throughout our 17 year relationship, I have watched her work evolve, grow, and change into what it has become today. I am particularly intrigued by her more recent work, which mixes a fascination with Japan, printing techniques, recent motherhood and frozen charlottes. I am looking forward to an exhibition in the spring at newly re-located Slingluff Gallery in Calicoon, NY.

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Watercolour illustrations by Dima Rebus

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Illustration on Saturday 8 December 2012

Eastern European art has always had a very distinct style. It’s the pure and sharp, sometimes almost brutal style many of them use. Same with Russian illustrator Dima Rebus. His work is pretty frank and critical, no disguise. But you still get a bit of a mystical and vague feeling when you look at his work realizing somehow that there is a lot more hidden in these watercolor illustrations than you thought in first place.

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New illustrations by Japanese artist ONEQ

Lost At E Minor Contributor

By Lost At E Minor in New Illustration on Thursday 22 November 2012

ONEQ, born on Japan’s southeast Kyushu island, mixes Japanese and American art styles when dealing with manga designs. It’s a pop-art style with an underground flavor.

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New illustrations by Javier Medellin Puyou

ONEQ Reader Find

By ONEQ in New Illustration on Thursday 22 November 2012

Javier Medellin Puyou is prolific Mexican artist. I only recently discovered his work, and I fell in love with it at first sight. His line work and choice of color reminds me of Japanese comics. He depicts girls with wide-set eyes in a unique and beautiful way, and his color compositions are very unique.

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Colourful graphic prints by Jazzberry Blue

Eric Petersen Reader Find

By Eric Petersen in New Design on Thursday 22 November 2012

New York artist Jazzberry Blue uses bright colors and playful pop culture references. His work has crazy titles like ‘Gum, Drugs and Coca Cola (gifts under 5$ for the witchdoctor who has absolutely everything)’. It’s bold, graphic and fun.

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Vintage sci-fi illustrations by Frank Rudolph Paul

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Illustration on Wednesday 21 November 2012

He may not have seen the modern world of today, passing on at the age of 77 in 1963, but Frank Rudolph Paul evidently saw the future with incredible imagination, as we can see in his trippy science fiction and fantasy illustrations. According to this, he was the ‘first person to ever make a living drawing spaceships‘ too.

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Designs and illustration by New York based Austin Lotz

Brian Jerome Reader Find

By Brian Jerome in New Design on Monday 19 November 2012

A good friend of mine, Austin Lotz, recently got a job and moved up to New York to pursue design. I have all the faith in him, because this kid leaks talent. His work displays creativity and intelligence that most illustrators and designers lack.

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Ten Days in Hell: illustrations by Brian Jerome

Brian Jerome Reader Find

By Brian Jerome in New Illustration on Monday 19 November 2012

April 6, 2010, I survived a death defying five story fall through Philadelphia’s Divine Lorraine Hotel. I spent the next ten days in ICU Psychosis in Hahnemann Hospital. During this time I had hallucinations of dead babies, riots, terrorism, hell, and 4Loko. I talked to inanimate objects, perceiving them to simply be French tourists. Six months after my recovery, I made a series illustrating my hellish voyage into my own mind. This experience has continued into my personal and illustrative work dealing with perception, memory, and mental deterioration that can strike any of us at anytime.

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A horror comic anthology featuring Paul Pope, Rufus Dayglo

Eric Pfeiffer Reader Find

By Eric Pfeiffer in New Art on Monday 19 November 2012

Comic anthologies are a great way to be introduced to a variety of artists, whether they’re legends in the industry or new and upcoming. Horror anthologies, however, are a breed all in their own. The trend is coming back and it’s well deserved. I am thrilled. Ghosts #1 features brilliant work from Paul Pope, Rufus […]

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Emma Leonard: beautifully detailed drawings

Savannah Van der Niet Reader Find

By Savannah Van der Niet in New Illustration on Friday 16 November 2012

Emma Leonard is an illustrator based in Melbourne. She draws beautiful artworks of beautiful ladies with wonderful attention to detail. Her work is usually dabs of colour standing out of her fine-lined pencil work. From the intricacies of flower petals, to each strand of hair, Leonard’s drawings are superb works of art.

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Funny Kawaii illustrations by Mel Stringer

Callum Twigger Reader Find

By Callum Twigger in New Illustration on Wednesday 14 November 2012

When I’m inadvertently or advertently a jerk in public, I sometimes get apprehensive someone with Mel Stringer’s insight and sense of justice will be present and make a comic about it. Based in Brisbane, Stringer’s kawaii characters bely a subtle but potent introspection into every day situations. She uses a gentle pallet of pastels to create comics and cards, and she takes commissions.

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New illustrations by Kent-based James Garner

Mooli Reader Find

By Mooli in New Illustration on Wednesday 14 November 2012

We’re liking the website of Kent-based graphic artist James Garner who not only designed it but uses his own illustrations to navigate around the site.

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New illustrations by Graham Roumeu

Eugenia Viti Reader Find

By Eugenia Viti in New Illustration on Tuesday 13 November 2012

News flash: hilarious illustrator Graham Roumeu has not stopped working. His humor is surprising and human and could be comparable with David Shirley. Some of my favorites by him include his Big Foot memoir books. If you want to laugh and find inspiration to think on a different level, Roumeu is your man.

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