A bookstore inside a cathedral? Oh, Amsterdam

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in Architecture on Monday 30 September 2013

Go inside the Broerenkerk, a famous Gothic cathedral in Zwolle, Amsterdam, and you will be in for a surprise. Alongside the cathedral’s elegant interiors, is a modern-day bookstore called Waanders In de Broeren.

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Desire Books at Sydney’s Manly Beach

Peta Morris Reader Find

By Peta Morris in Cool Travel on Monday 28 May 2012

Tucked away from the bustling tourist enclave of Sydney’s Manly Beach, there is a very magical place. Like Alice stumbling upon the rabbit hole, I fell madly and deeply for this little bookshop, which is more than just a bookshop: it’s a hive of endless creative possibilities.

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