Engawa De Dancehall: an animation by Shota Sakamoto

ONEQ Reader Find

By ONEQ in Video on Wednesday 21 November 2012

Engawa De Dancehall is a unique animation made by Shota Sakamoto with music by Nemuru, an Osaka-based band. Although the animation is of a simple nature, it doesn’t get boring.

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Brilliant animations by Emily Youcis

Brian Jerome Reader Find

By Brian Jerome in New Film on Tuesday 20 November 2012

I’m very proud to say that I’ve gotten to know and be friends with Emily Youcis over the past five years. She has gained recognition on G4 TV for her wild and far from apologetic Internet videos about the masochistic dog, Alfred. These videos, especially, the trilogy Alfred’s Playhouse 1-3, are an inventive and harsh look at reality. Her paintings are equally as twisted, as they are stylistically phenomenal. She has the edge that society has been avoiding and truly needs to stare at. Nietzsche spoke of the abyss that stares back. The abyss is Emily Youcis.

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Foxy: new animation by Stephanie Thandi Johnstone

Stephanie Thandi Johnstone Reader Find

By Stephanie Thandi Johnstone in Video on Friday 26 October 2012

We’ve all had an embarrassing injury, or two, and Get Well Soon is a series of animated shorts produced by 12foot6 based around this entertaining theme. In Foxy, a woman recalls the distressing repercussions of contracting Appendicitis in her teenage years. My ideas for the animation were first drawn onto paper and then re-drawn into […]

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Sixes Last: new video by 1st Avenue Machine

Christina Anton Reader Find

By Christina Anton in Video on Wednesday 24 October 2012

Alien forms, nanotechnology and biology? Count me in! The video from 1st Avenue Machine, Sixes Last, is both adorable and creepy, combining CGI with nature, and creating the perfect blend of artificial and natural. The plants appear to be living in a world of their own, evolving right before your eyes. Reminiscent of Kawaii meets […]

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Titmouse: the best animation studio around?

Jim Mahfood Reader Find

By Jim Mahfood in Video on Thursday 18 October 2012

I’ve had the great pleasure of working with these guys and I can honestly say Titmouse is the best animation studio around. Their main emphasis is pure artistic creativity and expression. Their cartoons, Motorcity, Black Dynamite, The Venture Bros, Juperjail!, Randy Cunningham, Metalocalypse, and China, IL are the best on TV.

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Sticky: a short animated documentary by Jill Rose

Jilli Rose Reader Find

By Jilli Rose in Video on Wednesday 17 October 2012

I was possessed this year by the story of Lord Howe Island’s stick insects; it’s so gripping I’m compelled to tell it to everyone. Since I’m an animator, once I ran out of people to tell, making a film was the obvious next step. The result? Sticky! a short animated documentary, and a love song […]

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Animation stars wizards, kings, and naked sirens

Daniel Rolnik Reader Find

By Daniel Rolnik in Video on Wednesday 17 October 2012

Adrian and I met at a film camp in Boston when we were just little pipsqueaks. He introduced me to the world of stoner metal and crazy horror films by companies like Troma. He just released his first animation named Vaesen, which is heavy as all hell and involves wizards, kings, and naked sirens.

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Let’s Make Some Great Fingerprint Art animation

Kelly Keenan Reader Find

By Kelly Keenan in Video on Thursday 4 October 2012

London-based Animade created a short and sweet animation promoting the children’s book, Lets Make Some Great Fingerprint Art. At 30 seconds long and full of a few squeeky voices and sound effects, its able to deliver so much through its own charm. A great little concept, expertly executed through the simplest of means. What more […]

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New animation by Min Sung Ah

Jean-Julien Pous Reader Find

By Jean-Julien Pous in New Film on Tuesday 10 July 2012

Min Sung Ah is an artist from Seoul, who works in traditional animation. She is fascinated by nature and living creatures of all kinds. Her main short films, Bab Mook Ja and The Newly Coming Seasons, reminds us that humans are only a small part of nature.

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La Valse Botanique: a cut-out animation by Graca Brohm

Patrick Louwerse Reader Find

By Patrick Louwerse in Video on Thursday 21 June 2012

Dutch illustrator Graca Brohm made this wonderfull silhouette animation of how plants and flowers try to impress a bumblebee and its passenger. She used the cut-out animation technique that refers to movies like The Adventures of Prince Achmed by Lotte Reiniger (1926). Nonetheless, the design, animation, and especially the music gives it a fresh and […]

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STEADYo: an experimental animation by Douglas Khozam

Joshua Bond Reader Find

By Joshua Bond in Video on Saturday 9 June 2012

Brazil-based Douglas Khozam really caught my eye with this animation. The use of tracking, stabilisation and tiling is rather amazing. These are also some very inspiring editing techniques.

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A Cautionary Tail: an animation about a girl born with a tail

Katy Alexander Reader Find

By Katy Alexander in Video on Thursday 7 June 2012

A Cautionary Tail is an animated short film starring Cate Blanchett, David Wenham and Barry Otto. It was directed by Simon Rippingale and written by Erica Harrison. It’s a dark, funny fable about a little girl born with a tail, and the story is told using a striking collage of 3D animated characters and hand-made […]

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Rule 30: a new animation by Vladimir Tomin

Saad Moosajee Reader Find

By Saad Moosajee in Video on Tuesday 5 June 2012

Russian motion specialist Vladimir Tomin has outdone himself with his motion based interpretation of Stephen Wolfram’s TED talk, titled Rule 30. The piece is a wonderful mixture of conceptual surrealism and aesthetics.

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Amazing animation by Onur Senturk

Jon Lezinsky Reader Find

By Jon Lezinsky in Video on Saturday 2 June 2012

The first time I saw Onur Senturk’s animation, called Triangle, for a book showcasing Robert Knoke’s artwork, I was blown away. His dark visuals are woven with haunting sound effects that slowly grip you with tension. Onur’s background in traditional painting and figure drawing is quite apparent in his animation work. His most recent masterpiece is the […]

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