Ricky Gervais promotes Netflix Australia in the laziest (and most funny) way possible

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Video on Saturday 28 March 2015

When you hire funny man Ricky Gervais to promote something, you expect a whole lotta laughs. And harsh honesty. It just so happens that while promoting the release of Netflix in Australia, Gervais did just that.

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Doodle Flix turns Netflix envelopes into pieces of art

Jake Sheridan Contributor

By Jake Sheridan in New Art on Monday 1 July 2013

What do you do with your Netflix envelope? You doodle on it, of course, and end up with these inspired doodles. It’s a great idea. Envelopes and posting letters are becoming increasingly redundant in this age of technology and super fast email, but let’s face it: you can’t doodle on an email.

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No Budge: a website devoted to no budget movies

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in Cool Websites on Monday 8 August 2011

Being the independent film junkie an avid Hulu and Netflix viewer that I am, you can imagine my excitement when I came across No Budge, a website dedicated to no budget films. The site was created by filmmaker, Kentucker Audley, whose no budget film Open Film received critical acclaim from all over.

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