Asheville Blog: an east coast, online version of Portlandia

Drunken Prayer Reader Find

By Drunken Prayer in Cool Websites on Wednesday 27 March 2013

Asheville is a ridiculous little Appalachian Mountain town in Western North Carolina. This website is a hilarious on-going compilation of gifs specific to life there. This site reminds me of the show Portlandia; you don’t have to live there to be in on the joke. Anyone who’s ever spent time in a hip oasis town […]

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Stephen Warwick and the Secondhand Stories

Contributions Reader Find

By S.H. Stories in New Music on Friday 29 July 2011

Although performing on stage with the likes of Nicole Atkins, A.C. Newman (the New Pornographers), Parlor Mob, and Craig Wedren (Shudder to Think), Stephen Warwick is a musician most of us haven’t heard of. He hails from Charlotte, NC, one of the largest banking cities in the southeastern United States. Not the most likely of places for a musician to grow creatively.

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