Roots Soap Co: Rainwater infused natural soaps

Darren Cools Reader Find

By Darren Cools in New Products on Wednesday 9 October 2013

I had never really thought about soap before (I mean, soap is soap, right?), but after trying some of the natural soap from Roots Soap Co for myself, my mind was changed. It’s handmade with rainwater (seriously?!) and essential oils. My whole house smells like citrus and clove and lavender. It’s pretty amazing. If you’re […]

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Portraits of youths who are unhappy with their natural bodies

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Wednesday 25 September 2013

Body image is a hot topic when it comes to young people and photographer Michelle Sank has gone and brought her In My Skin series into the public eye to challenge body image and to document the ‘transgenderism and the struggle young people have to live within a body they were born into but have […]

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Wireless computer keyboard built from organic materials

Phil Groman Reader Find

By Phil Groman in New Eco on Wednesday 12 December 2012

Natural Keyboard is a wireless computer keyboard built from organic materials. The body and keys are 100% wood and the frame is covered in imitation moss. The textures creates a tactile sensation while visually defying the standard aesthetic for modern technology products.

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