China Comics and Animation Museum

Matt Taylor from Sixty40 Reader Find

By Matt Taylor from Sixty40 in Architecture on Monday 22 August 2011

This is set to begin construction next year in Huangzhou and looks amazing. If this is where China wants to go as global superpower, I am in. It looks like an Opera House for comics and the Dutch firm MVRDV, who won the pitch, designed the complex around the shape of the speech bubble. It will have three comics libraries, interactive light displays on the outer surfaces.

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The Balancing Barn

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in Architecture on Saturday 9 October 2010

Located in the rustic surrounds of Suffolk, England, and designed by Dutch architectural firm MVRDV, in partnership with Mole Architects, The Balancing Barn is an exercise in controlled risk, with some 50 per cent of the construction simply hanging in free space.

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