Animated music video for Sick Of It All’s District

Olgica Terzic Reader Find

By Olgica Terzic in Video on Tuesday 22 May 2012

Everybody who knows New York hardcore band Sick Of It All, and has watched the video for the song District and Relentless knows Mike Pappa. His work has a rough, raw style that goes with his hardcore music (which I am fan of).

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Beastie Boys’ Sabotage music video, as re-enacted by kids

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Video on Saturday 19 May 2012

This dad from Portland, James Winter, bought shades and staches for his kids and nephew and remade the Beasties’ “Sabotage” music video as a sort of tribute to the late Adam Yauch. It’s quite a riot. The kids look like they’re having fun, and not being exploited for their cute factor.

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Stunning music video for new Hunting Tigers single

Samantha Dalrymple Reader Find

By Samantha Dalrymple in Video on Wednesday 9 May 2012

This music video just blew my mind and I couldn’t stop playing it on loop when I first stumbled upon it. It was created via a collaboration between California-based motion and graphic designer, Patches, and producer, sound arts enthusiast, Jimmy Fontana. Hunting Tigers is a great mixture between absurdity and humor.

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Stunning music video for Congo band Baloji

Dave Meinert Reader Find

By Dave Meinert in New Music on Thursday 15 March 2012

This video features some of the most evocative imagery in a music video to come out of Africa. Videos like this are what directors and ad agencies reference when then don’t want to experience the heat, noise and discomfort of deep dark Africa first-hand. Baloji means sorcerer in Swahili. This is some serious African voodoo vibes.

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[Official Video] 16bit Dinosaurs

Anna Blaszczyk Reader Find

By Anna Blaszczyk in Video on Wednesday 14 March 2012

Check out this trippy and creepy music video. There’s a great sense of rhythm in these set of illustration-like moving pictures. I love how very little actually has to be shown to give off a specific mood.

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X-Out: new music video by Blanket Barricade

Contributions Reader Find

By Wesley Krauss in New Music on Sunday 11 March 2012

In X-Out, Blanket Barricade presents the story of a desperate pudding chef who is struggling to make ends meet. If only she could find a way to get customers to eat her pudding. Directed by Marshall Axani, this music video video/short film explores the consequences of deceptive actions. This is the second music video in […]

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New music video: Stray Shadows by Blanket Barricade

Contributions Reader Find

By Wesley Krauss in New Music on Friday 24 February 2012

In Stray Shadows, Blanket Barricade presents the story of a couple who is struggling to make their relationship work. If only they knew each other’s hidden secret it might all be okay. Directed by Marshall Axani, the music video/short film explores the unexpected and unusual ways love comes around. This is the first music video in Blanket Barricade’s four-part story-based music video saga directed by Axani [see another video below].

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Creative video for new Christoper Noyes single

Contributions Reader Find

By Carly in Video on Friday 6 January 2012

This creative music video for Christoper Noyes’s newest single Grapheme will bring out your inner wild child.

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Fun video for The Caseworker’s new single

Contributions Reader Find

By Hidden Shoal Recordings in New Music on Friday 2 September 2011

On the heels of the release of their awesome new single National Runner, jangle-gazers The Caseworker now have a wonderful music video to accompany the track thanks to film-maker Joe Macken. The video features footage of the amazing Ethiopian long distance runner, Miruts Yifter, doing his magic. And if you think long distance running is […]

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Melbourne band Celadore take it back to the 80s

Contributions Reader Find

By Sean Rodrigo in New Music on Wednesday 27 July 2011

In this new music video for Melbourne indie-rock trio Celadore, an 80s wedding goes bad when guests from hell hijack the proceedings, to the horror of the unsuspecting wedding band. It went from concept to post in fifteen days and was shot on a Canon 7d and 5dmarkII DSLR.

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New badass 70s retro music video from The Liberators

Contributions Reader Find

By slimchoc in Video on Saturday 12 March 2011

We dig this movie trailer-esque Blaxploitation music video from a stupid funky Afrobeat band from Sydney called The Liberators.

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Mademoiselle Karen’s Autobus animation

Contributions Reader Find

By Oskar Brzozowski in Video on Wednesday 24 November 2010

Joanna Gniady, an illustrator from Poland, in a co-operation with the Karuzela Film Group has animated the collage artwork she created to Mademoiselle Karen’s album, Attention.

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Hollerado’s Human 8-bit video for Americanarama

Contributions Reader Find

By Max Mertens in New Music on Wednesday 13 October 2010

Canadian indie rock band Hollerado recite their knowledge of American geography in this human 8-bit music video for their song Americanarama. This one-shot video was directed by the band’s friend, Greg Jardin.

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