Illuminating new doco shows the effect of technology on the quality of music

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in New Film on Thursday 4 September 2014

It’s fair to say that music might well be the oldest art form around. From the first person to tap out a rhythm on a cave wall to the kid in front of his computer, music is a timeless mode of expression that unites all people. Throughout history musicians have worked tirelessly, and often obsessively, striving to produce a piece that communicates their emotions to the listener. After all, that is what music is for: joining an individual to a multitude through the intricate sounds of a song. A universal language.

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Shut Up and Play The Hits: an LCD Soundsystem doco

Kira Heuer Reader Find

By Kira Heuer in New Film on Thursday 2 February 2012

When you begin a band, do you ever think about how will it end? LCD said their goodbyes last year with some concerts for all fans to celebrate one last loss of abandon. Lucky for all those who did not get to be part of the farewell, there is a documentary sharing all the highlights.

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