Awesome things that hide secret powers: For the Pac-Man fan, this mug reveals its best feature when hot

Rachel Oakley Contributor

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By Rachel Oakley in New Products on Wednesday 8 October 2014

Who knew coffee provided miracles every morning? This mug may look like an ordinary vessel, but it hides a very secret power-the power to make pac-man appear at the drop of coffee! When this mug has cold water in it (or nothing), you’ll see only the outline of the pac-man game in bright blue lines.

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Probably the ugliest mugs you’ll ever drink from

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Design on Thursday 6 March 2014

There ain’t nothing better than to drink your morning coffee from the brain cavity of an ugly mad scientist or a gruesome zombie. Unfortunately, there’s none too many hideous creatures who would offer their heads as mugs. That’s why sculptor Jean Cotton of ‘Making Faces Pottery’, came up with the next best thing: ‘Aesthetically Challenged Mugs’.

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Stylish greeting cards and mugs from 1973

Ed Tucker Reader Find

By Ed Tucker in New Products on Wednesday 12 December 2012

This cracking little company make some very stylish greeting cards, mugs and things like that, working with some artists such as the great Andy Smith and Sanna Annukka. Well worth a gander.

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