This video proves all movie trailers are exactly the same

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Video on Tuesday 5 May 2015

A while back a video emerged proving that every country song was exactly the same. Played at the same time, each one synchronized with the other. Well, guess what? All movie trailers are exactly the same as well, and this video shows why.

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The Imposter: a thrilling documentary

Tom Hickox Reader Find

By Tom Hickox in New Film on Sunday 3 March 2013

Every parent’s worst nightmare: your son goes missing, and years later someone else turns up pretending to be him, completely taking you in. A story you just wouldn’t believe in fiction were it not actually true. Brilliantly and thrillingly cut.

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American Mary: a twisted and gruesome horror film

Callum Russell Reader Find

By Callum Russell in New Film on Thursday 14 February 2013

American Mary is the Canadian writing/directing/producing duo the Soska Sisters’ second feature film centering around medical student Mary Mason as she becomes increasingly disenchanted with the surgical world and is drawn into the unconventional world of body modification. This well-crafted film is gruesome, stylish and has been hailed by many as a turning point for […]

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I Used To Be Darker: a new film by Matt Porterfield

Pepi Ginsberg of Companion Reader Find

By Pepi Ginsberg of Companion in New Film on Friday 28 December 2012

A long time ago, in the days of Myspace, I sent Matt my music, early solo recordings, because I thought what he was making was really beautiful. I was lucky enough to meet him a few times in New York and since then I have followed his work, as it’s grown to expand both visually […]

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New film by Wet Brownies

Sebastian Sommer Reader Find

By Sebastian Sommer in Video on Tuesday 30 October 2012

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this film in its editing process and it’s not going to disappoint. Written and directed by Will Kempner, Chris Gilman, and Jeff Marks, it intertwines a pair of drug dealers, two twisted cops who can’t get along, local burnouts, bridge trolls, and more. This film is hilarious and is […]

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Safety Not Guaranteed: a new film about a time travel

David Leeflang Reader Find

By David Leeflang in New Film on Monday 22 October 2012

Back in the hoary days of 1997, an ad appeared in the classifieds section of Backwoods Home Magazine calling for a partner to accompany the advertiser in a trip through time. The respondent was urged to bring their own weapons and that their safety was not guaranteed. The ad caused a minor storm, until it […]

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Margaret: a film by Kenneth Lonergan

David Bronson Reader Find

By David Bronson in New Film on Wednesday 12 September 2012

Quite simply, this was the most powerful movie I’ve seen in a long, long time. It altered my mood for a full two weeks after watching. Margaret is the second feature written and directed by Kenneth Lonergan (writer/director of You Can Count on Me, and a prominent playwright and screenwriter).

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Beast of the Southern Wild: directed by Benh Zeitlin

Cole DeGenova Reader Find

By Cole DeGenova in New Film on Monday 10 September 2012

This film does more than just pay tribute to the people of southern Louisiana, it’s a mystical and ferocious celebration of life. The story follows a 6 year old girl, Hush Puppy (played by stunning new-comer Quvenzhane Wallis), and her father living in an isolated fishing island south of the delta. After they are nearly wiped […]

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Fan-made trailer for Captain Planet

Darwin Cosico Contributor

By Darwin Cosico in Video on Tuesday 28 August 2012

A fan-made trailer of Captain Planet is slowly gaining attention on YouTube and it’s actually quite impressive. The trailer was produced by Noah Baron, Matt Kohler and Robert Santiago and directed by Jay Diaz. It’s one of my favourite cartoons growing up, so I was very excited to see what a Captain Planet movie trailer might look like. The fact […]

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Killer fridge is the bad guy in upcoming Filipino horror flick

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in Video on Friday 24 August 2012

Check this out, a Filipino horror flick starring, yes, a fridge that will eat you alive. Twitch recently reported on Rico Maria Ilarde’s Pridyider (The Refrigerator) with an alert about the new trailer. There’s a bit of history behind the movie, too. As an expansion of an old short film from the long-running horror film […]

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The Last Station

Xavier Toby Reader Find

By Xavier Toby in New Film on Thursday 6 May 2010

All humans want to be remembered after they die, even if they don’t admit it. Most have children to accomplish this, and others have children, write fiction and then delve into philosophy in their later life. Count Leo Tolstoy is more the later, and this film focuses on the period as he approaches death.

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