Half Moon Run: Call Me in the Afternoon

Kevin Costain Reader Find

By Kevin Costain in New Music on Wednesday 28 December 2011

One of the most talented bands I’ve heard. Incredible energy and timing. These guys are natural performers. The trio lives in Montreal and they have a record coming out in the next few months.

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A Silver Mt Zion: God Bless Our Dead Marines

Jeff Faerber Reader Find

By Jeff Faerber in New Music on Wednesday 26 October 2011

The band I’ve listened to most over the last six or so years is undisputedly Montreal’s A Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra and Tra-la-la Band. (or A Silver Mt. Zion, for short). Often called post-rock along the lines of Godspeed You Black Emperor! (an easy comparison as the bands overlap 2-3 members), I tend to think of them more as punk rock with cellos and violins with all members sharing the singing.

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Jef Barbara’s Larmes de Crocodile

Lost At E Minor Contributor

By Lost At E Minor in New Music on Wednesday 19 January 2011

Montreal-born Jef Barbara’s debut LP Contamination stakes his claim as an heir of pop music’s golden age. With a wide array of influences, Contamination falls within the tradition of 80s landmarks such as George Michael’s Faith, and alternates nods to French New Wave, soft rock, Kosmische Musik, and synth disco.

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