China’s new monkey school is the saddest school on the planet, and you can help shut it down

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in News on Tuesday 6 October 2015

Well, this is probably meant to be the cutest school on the planet but it’s actually the saddest. A new entertainment school has opened up in Dongying, China, to teach monkeys how to entertain the crowds.

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Tissue alert! Watch as lab chimps are finally given freedom after 30 years of being caged up

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Eco, Video on Friday 20 March 2015

After 30 years (yes, three-zero) of being locked up in stifling metal lab cages and behind bullet-proof glass, a group of chimpanzees were finally given the freedom they deserved. Get the tissues ready because this is one hell of an emotional roller coaster.

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Another woman poses with a monkey, another photo goes viral

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Photography on Friday 19 December 2014

The trouble with taking selfies with monkeys is that… you’re taking a selfie with a monkey. A tourist on holiday in Bali has given us all a good laugh when she decided to capture a cute moment with a monkey on camera. The selfie started out as any selfie does-both are smiling wide and in good spirits.

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Portraits of Japanese performing monkeys

Gem Contributor

By Gem in New Photography on Thursday 26 September 2013

Hiroshi Watanabe is a prolific Japanese photographer. His online portfolio encompass many themes, from kabuki players, landscapes, and portraits. My favorite work of his is Suo Sarumawashi, portraits of Japanese performing monkeys. The expressions on their faces elicit a lot of emotion, despite the muted colour tones.

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Funniest Faced Monkeys

Eugenia Viti Reader Find

By Eugenia Viti in New Trends on Thursday 16 May 2013

Sometimes humor at the simplest form can really hit the spot. Check out these funny monkey faces and brighten your day. I think the descriptions are just as funny as the pictures, and also somewhat informative on why the monkey looks the way it does.

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Wearable art of Nikoline Liv Andersen

Contributions Reader Find

By Eve Politanoff in New Fashion on Friday 9 December 2011

Why should we live if we must die? It is one of the questions Danish artist Nikoline Liv Andersen puts us in this exhibition. With a plethora of bodies, thick fabrics, flowers and fruits, life’s transience is reflected upon, man in defense against death and the body in decomposition.

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