Fun products that are unexpectedly versatile: Lightman: a night light, reading light, bike light, flash light all in one

Rachel Oakley Contributor

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By Rachel Oakley in New Design on Tuesday 27 January 2015

Since the smartphone was created, few people have had to carry around a flashlight for emergencies. Now, even when plumbers and electricians are called in for a job, they’re using their smartphones. But what if there was a gadget that replaced the traditional torch and worked better than your smartphone’s flashlight? Well, I’ve found it.

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Green with envy! Inside San Fran’s Dropbox office

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Architecture on Friday 27 December 2013

For all of you who work in cubicles, this one’s gonna make you green with envy. Introducing San Francisco’s new Dropbox office. Designed by Geremia Design and Boor Bridges Architecture, this office space features exposed pipes, raw copper furnishings and concrete floors, plus little oddities like a ping pong ball wall in a hallway, quirky […]

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Super sleek glowing furniture by Stefano Giavannoni

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Products on Tuesday 15 October 2013

This incredibly modern design for an outdoor chair looks fantastic in the daylight. But just wait till the sun goes down and you’ll love it even more. This pillow chair is LED illuminated and can display just about any color you want– white, red, green, blue, light blue, pink or yellow. Thanks to the genius design […]

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Cerno’s Silva LED Lighting

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By rachelclaire in New Design on Wednesday 17 November 2010

Cerno have just released a new line of beautiful LED light fixtures, with subtle variation in the vibe — it leans towards sexy elegant on one end to bold industrial on the other.

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