The Cotton Candy Machine: art collective in Brooklyn

Christopher Stribley Reader Find

By Christopher Stribley in Cool Travel on Wednesday 9 November 2011

If the whimsical name of this company doesn’t ring any bells, I’m pretty sure you’ll recognize some of the artists it houses. Born in Brooklyn earlier this year, this company is a funhouse collective of established artists who each bring a special brand of fun to the table. Artists such as Alex Pardee, Buff Monster, Jeremyville, Miss Van, and Tara McPherson are brought together under one gingerbread roof to make the world a much more wondrously colourful place.

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Miss Van’s awesome paintings

Emma Gardiner Reader Find

By Emma Gardiner in New Art on Tuesday 20 September 2011

Miss Van’s paintings of luscious, dark sex kittens started their life on street corners but, like a lot of graffiti art, have now been elevated to the galleries of Paris. Her technique has become more sophisticated but her subject matter remains the same; salacious, strange and sad.

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