MIA’s amazing Born Free video

Francis Andrews Reader Find

By Francis Andrews in Video on Tuesday 3 August 2010

This superb video for MIA’s recent single, Born Free, was taken off YouTube in April, with the company citing use of ‘pornography and gratuitous violence’. It’s a powerful piece, with brilliant cinematography and suspense. It’s a shame that political correctness blocks people from being able to watch it.

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Ryan McGinley’s M.I.A series

Lin Tan Reader Find

By Lin Tan in New Photography on Thursday 1 July 2010

I became a big fan of photographer Ryan McGinley after catching sight of his I Know Where The Summer Goes series. He also often photographs celebrities in his own special way, incorporating a kind of edgy theatricality that is so mesmerising. In this series, simply entitled M.I.A., McGinley took some amazingly stunning shots of the […]

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Rye Rye featuring MIA off the NEET label

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in Video on Friday 3 July 2009

M.I.A., quick to recognize talent in her own ranks, signed the first act to her N.E.E.T. label — backup dancer and rapper Rye Rye. Ryeisha Berrain made a name for herself in her hometown of Baltimore working with DJ-producer Blaqstarr. Now, with the video for the single Bang, featuring M.I.A., making the Internet rounds, Berrain […]

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