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Hungover Owls

Not to perpetuate any stereotypes or anything, but those owls sure do like to party. Hungover Owls features candid moments when those nocturnal birds could use a little hair of … Read more

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But The Truth Is

Ok, so we know that sugar coating is a part of life, but does it have to be? The But The Truth Is blog features a series of unspoken realities … Read more

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Bad Yearbook Photos

Just when you thought meme blogs could get no sillier, comes this: Bad Yearbook Photos, a collection of user-submitted photos from the annuls of yesteryear, a period that many of … Read more

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The I’m Dating Myself blog

The latest in the long line of clever Photoshopped Tumblr sites is I’m Dating Myself — ‘a self-loving photo blog’ which features pictures and short stories about people who, it … Read more

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Clown Fails

To promote the Adult Swim debut of the Internet sitcom Children’s Hospital, Fail Blog has launched Clown Fails, which features unfortunate images of clowns. Welcome to your worst nightmare.

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The Beardly

I can’t grow a beard. This sometimes makes me feel like there’s some aspect of the masculine experience that will forever be unknown to me. I live vicariously through the … Read more

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Awkward Family Pet Photos

First there was Awkward Family Photos, now comes the natural progression in the lineage: Awkward Family Pet Photos. Seriously, is this the greatest website ever?

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Literary tattoo designs

Check out some pretty nice literary tattoos at Contrawise. I’m glad it’s not another snarky meme blog making fun of people they don’t understand.

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Sketchy Bunnies

Ever get creeped out by the Easter Bunny? Or more by the thought of a middle-aged man, dressed up like a Lewis Carroll fairytale, handing out chocolate eggs to random … Read more

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