Follow the Sun: new music by Melbourne band Private Life

Charlie Gleason Reader Find

By Charlie Gleason in New Music on Tuesday 12 June 2012

There is something hypnotic about the voice of Renee Cassar, one half of Melbourne-based indie pop darlings Private Life. Alongside Jamie Barlow, of The Melodics fame, they have crafted an incredible single with Follow The Sun. Cassar’s vocals drift, desolate, against the stark background of crunching guitars, while the pounding rhythm makes my heart race. It is trapped inside my head, and I fucking love it.

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New music by Melbourne band Cocophonics

Liza Dezfouli Reader Find

By Liza Dezfouli in New Music on Thursday 31 May 2012

I’ve been rocking out until the sweat flies on the dance floor to Melbourne band, Cocophonics, a classic all-original pub rock band with swampy, punky elements. Their sound is hard and driving, with an old school attitude. They describe themselves as progressive retro, rock but not roll. Inspirations include Bob Dylan, Lou Reed, Paul Kelly, […]

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For You and Me: a new song by The Fearless Vampire Killers

The Fearless Vampire Killers Reader Find

By The Fearless Vampire Killers in New Music on Saturday 24 March 2012

When it came to making the clip for the first single off our debut LP, we wanted it to be something that was iconically Melbourne. We love the city we live in and the music that it produces. So we decided to head off around Fitzroy and Richmond, have a laugh with some friends, and […]

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New video from Melbourne band The Sinking Teeth

Contributions Reader Find

By Allie Goodwin in New Music on Friday 23 December 2011

The Sinking Teeth are a three piece power-pop outfit from Melbourne. They take influences from Russian Circles, Biffy Clyro and Refused. The Sinking Teeth use alternative ways to promote themselves, so keep an ear out for flash gigs in alleys, rooftops and drains. This song was recorded live in their kitchen.

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Download the new EP from Melbourne’s Left Feels Right

Contributions Reader Find

By Left Feels Right in New Music on Tuesday 25 October 2011

Melbourne band Left Feels Right play a smooth blend of post-rock soundscapes with a hint of dance thrown into the mix. Their second EP, which is a split release with post punk band The Analyte, can be downloaded for free at their Bandcamp.

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Melbourne alt-country band The Cliffords

Xavier Toby Reader Find

By Xavier Toby in New Music on Tuesday 2 August 2011

Rock/pop with an alt country twist, The Cliffords play hook filled songs with roaring choruses and lyrics that stick. ‘You guys would be the best pop band in Melbourne if ya pulled ya finger out’, a Melbourne publican told them. So they did, and finally produced their first full-length album.

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