The Tate Video Channel profiles Maurice Sendak

Matt Wicks Reader Find

By Matt Wicks in Video on Thursday 26 April 2012

What a gem of a find. Not only does the UK institution, Tate, collect and exhibit great art. They also make quality films about it, too. There’s hundreds on their channel for me to get my art fix and they seem to be constantly releasing new ones every week. I’ve seen artist studio visits, artist profiles, films by commissioned artists, and experimental stuff. I couldn’t choose a favourite, so you get two: one on author Maurice Sendak (Where The Wild Things Are) — above — and this really fun time-lapse — below.

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Incredible Bento Box designs by Anna The Red

Beck Wheeler Reader Find

By Beck Wheeler in New Art on Tuesday 23 August 2011

Anna The Red was born in Japan and now lives in New York. She makes art you can eat. Her Bento boxes feature characters from Dr Suess, Studio Ghibli and Maurice Sendak. I’m not sure whether I want to eat them, or leave them on the mantelpiece to look at until the ants claim them.

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Where the Wild Things Are

Xavier Toby Reader Find

By Xavier Toby in New Film on Saturday 9 January 2010

Spike Jonze, director of indie classics Adaptation and Being John Malkovich, teams with novelist Dave Eggers to bring the Maurice Sendak picture book to the screen. It’s a curious film, following the young Max as he flees from his home after a fight with his mother, to the land of the wild things. The creatures are wonderful, with James Goldolfini of The Sopranos superb as the lead beast.

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