Shop ’til you drop! Shopping at the world’s witchcraft markets

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Tuesday 4 March 2014

I’m not so sure you’ll be getting your fresh French bread and locally-made cheese at these markets. Located around the world (from Bolivia and Togo to Mexico and Peru), you can buy almost anything at the market, including all the necessities to perform your own witchcraft spells. Wondering what’s on offer at these incredible markets? […]

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Exploring Tasmania: Launceston’s Harvest Market

Jonathan Leeming Contributor

By Jonathan Leeming in Cool Travel on Tuesday 24 September 2013

Stepping off the plane into a slight refreshing breeze at Launceston airport – a small single-building affair – I collected my bags and stopped for a coffee. I was immediately struck by small details: the selection of snacks at the Hudsons Coffee stand was sufficient to rival most coffee houses in Sydney, which was a pleasant surprise.

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Lonely Hunter Markets proves that shopping in real life actually still happens

Karla Courtney Reader Find

By Karla Courtney in New Products on Thursday 12 September 2013

Remember that time when you could buy things in real life? Seriously, like you actually go somewhere and talk to people and then exchange paper bills and smile at each other. Well, apparently that is still a thing! Lonely Hunter is a Sydney-based craft marketplace held on the last Saturday of each month, with a […]

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Soho Markets, Berwick Street, London

Jessie Cheung Reader Find

By Jessie Cheung in Cool Travel on Thursday 21 August 2008

Fresh fruit? Yes please! Never mind that I had just finished a cottage pie as big as my face. I was going to have a punnet of those raspberries. I couldn’t help myself. Really. They were just sitting so pretty alongside the luscious apples and pears lining the rickety stalls of London’s Soho Fruit Markets, I just couldn’t restrain myself. And it seemed that I wasn’t the only one.

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