Lovers Electric: Beating Like a Drum

J. Cooper Reader Find

By J. Cooper in New Music on Friday 14 October 2011

This intriguing duo showed up on my doorstep in Sydney a few years ago wanting some help with their first album cover after a call from their record company. We polished off the design together, and I was inspired after meeting David and Eden, or Lovers Electric as they’re known in Australia, UK and Germany. […]

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Lovers Electric’s new single Could This Be. It could?

Kira Heuer Reader Find

By Kira Heuer in Video on Wednesday 7 October 2009

Life is filled with many hidden delights that keep us warm on those days when the world seems confused and expended. One of my favorite delights is finding that new song that you play over and over again. Repeat, repeat, dancing around in your room, acting a complete fool and enjoying every moment of it. […]

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