JR’s blown up photographs

Shepard Fairey Reader Find

By Shepard Fairey in New Art on Saturday 10 January 2009

The French photographer and street artist, JR, has stepped up his game in an impressive way in recent times. He does huge xerox blow-ups of his own photographs and has done stuff in New York, Paris, and London. He did some huge work on the side of London’s Tate Modern, for instance. When I met the guy in Paris in 2003, he was doing 18×24 paste ups, and now he’s doing work that’s multiple stories high. It probably helps that he’s backed by Steve Lazarides, who was Banksy’s agent for a while. He’s got a big crew and some serious financial resources now. There are two components to effective street art: accessibility and the spectacle. Does it give me pause from the monotony of my usual day? JR may not be so much about the DIY anymore, but he’s definitely all about the spectacle.

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Francis Andrews Reader Find

By Francis Andrews in New Events on Wednesday 22 October 2008

Seldom do you get a batch of the world’s top artists grouped in one exhibition in an environment that at first glance, is far from accommodating for their work. But the British Musuem in London has done it, and done it well. Littered amongst the ancient Egyptian tombs and Greek plinths are pieces of work […]

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