Chilly Water: a new song from More Like Trees

Mel May Reader Find

By Mel May in New Music on Friday 11 November 2011

I have watched in awe at the buzz that this band has generated explode like wildfire across the music scene in London. The main players in this constantly evolving unit are a mesmerizing fuse of drum & bass, flamenco, and dare I say it, indie. A regular in The Local Posse sessions, they are a […]

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We Have Band

Domingo Antonio Robledo Reader Find

By Domingo Antonio Robledo in New Music on Tuesday 6 April 2010

It’s been a while since we last heard the clamorous sound of We Have Band, but for obvious reasons. Having toured extensively in 2009, the London-based trio took the later part of last year to enter the studio with producer Gareth Jones (Grizzly Bear, Interpol, Depeche Mode, These New Puritans). Now, the debut We Have Band album is due to drop in a few days.

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Scanners’ We Never Close Our Eyes

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in New Music on Monday 15 February 2010

London-based Scanners will be dropping their Stephen Hague (New Order) produced sophomore album, Submarine, next week on Dim Mak. The band are then headed to South by Southwest. We have a free download of their second single, We Never Close Our Eyes [listen here] in our Music Download section [psst, it’s in the third column […]

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Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Music on Wednesday 12 November 2008

I’m totally on a huge doom metal kick lately, and Pantheist are one of the more interesting bands I’ve heard lately. Ostensibly a funeral doom band – meaning they play particularly slow and depressive metal – the London-based outfit from Belgium is not as harsh as most bands of this ilk, probably much to the […]

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Francis Andrews Reader Find

By Francis Andrews in New Music on Monday 15 September 2008

Metronomy are a cool little London-based group headed by producer and remix extraordinaire, Joseph Mount. The sound sits somewhere between Autechre and Vitalic: clanging keyboards and body-gurning beats laced with an undercurrent of ominous electronica. It’s not as inaccessible as much of the more twisted electro-based stuff out there at the moment, although it retains […]

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Honey Ryder

Derrick Stembridge Reader Find

By Derrick Stembridge in New Music on Friday 18 July 2008

Many people would suggest that business and pleasure don’t mix, especially in the music industry. However, Honey Ryder defy tradition, turning the old-fashioned business model on its head and successfully combining the two. The London-based duo — Martyn Shone and Lindsay O’ Mahony — have honed their writing and performing skills over the last two years.

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Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Music on Monday 3 September 2007

London-based indie-prog group Klaxons take their name from the Greek word ‘to shriek’. We interviewed vocalist and keyboardist, Jamie Righton, and asked him why, unlike many of their contemporaries, none of them grew up to become great footballers: ‘Me and Simon are from Stratford-upon-Avon and the only famous footballer to ever come from there is Gary Barnett! Jamie’s from Bournemouth and there are even less from there. I was asked to play for the Tottenham Hotspur Legends and Celebrities team in a new Sky TV programme but it clashes with our US tour. Gutted’.

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