Fresh Eyes: new music by London band Nautic

Takeshi Suga Reader Find

By Takeshi Suga in New Music on Tuesday 20 August 2013

It’s been four years since Blue Roses (aka Laura Groves) first enchanted us with her eponymous self-titled debut album. She’s been quiet in the last couple years but finally came back as main vocalist for London-based collaborative band Nautic (with producer Bullion and Young Turks labelmate Tic) at the end of last year.

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Music Video: Wasps by Emperor Yes

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Video on Thursday 14 February 2013

Emperor Yes just released their debut single Wasps and the music video is fantastic. It’s mash of 80s and 90s horror flicks, nerd chic, and Japanese foreign film. The playful synth soundtrack may be a bit too happy for a gory wasp attack, but it creates a nice contrast. Somehow the band’s writhing and flinching […]

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New music by London-based Metronomy

Vivian Shih Reader Find

By Vivian Shih in New Music on Wednesday 7 November 2012

I came across London-based band Metronomy while listening to Spotify one day. Their sound is a mix between indie dance and a bit of rock. While the beats are playful, listen to what both female and male singers are expressing with their lyrics. It can be both quirky and somewhat surprising.

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Turquoise: the new single by London band Binary

Samuel Birtwistle Reader Find

By Samuel Birtwistle in New Music on Thursday 3 November 2011

Binary is a small four piece band from London who I managed to catch at a small gig not long ago. A great way to show that dark, post-punk is definitely not dead. With echoes of Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen, their spacey brand of music feels so familiar but fresh.

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Kitty Daisy and Lewis

Ari Stein Reader Find

By Ari Stein in New Music on Saturday 16 February 2008

No need for time machines anymore. Just head over to the MySpace page of the hottest band in London right now, Kitty Daisy and Lewis. Like flippin’ burgers or waiting tables at any Southern diner, you’ll find yourself instantly transported across several time zones. This band are rockabilly to the hip and uber cool from […]

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