Featured Image for Murakami releases his new book at midnight in Tokyo
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Shakespeare Insults heal any wound

What better way to heal a physical wound than with a verbally inflicted wound? You can buy a box of  these fantastic Shakespeare insult band-aids for only 15 dollars. They have the … Read more

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Literary puns by Timothy Leo Taranto

Illustrator Timothy Leo Taranto has put a hilarious pun spin to literature greats, including David Foster Wallace and Gromit, Vonnugget, The Brontesaurus Sisters, Bob Dillon and Tennissee. Must say, the … Read more

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The Shagi’s Fantasie Impromptu project

Caught yourself on a how-the-hell-did-I-even-get-here train of thought lately? Ukrainian literary experimentalist Alex Shagi is calling out for visual artists across the world to ride that train to the end … Read more

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