Featured Image for Surreal landscapes completely take over this artist’s livingroom
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Surreal landscapes by Jeremy Miranda

If I had to pick a colour pallet to dream in, I would choose Jeremy Miranda’s paintings, surreal atmospheric landscapes that are never over-worked. If you haven’t gotten your hands … Read more

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Human bodies as mountainous landscapes

We’ve loved Carl Warner’s Foodscapes works before, and we are absolutely digging Bodyscapes, his photo-manipulated series of vast and mountainous landscapes from sensual human bodies. Consider us wowed all over … Read more

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Flares warming up night landscapes

What can you do with military-grade flares? In his Take Refuge series, LA-based photographer Kevin Cooley used these to illuminate the nighttime and often cold landscapes of wherever he travelled … Read more

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Synthetic landscapes by Shane McAdams

These cool illustrations from Shane McAdams were created using an unexpectedly fresh media: try ball point pen, oil, and resine on panel. Step into a world of synthetic landscapes that … Read more

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