Giant temporary drawings on sand, earth and ice

Nini Baseema Contributor

By Nini Baseema in New Art on Tuesday 6 December 2011

Jim Denevan makes temporary drawings on sand, earth and ice that are eventually erased by waves and weather. It reminds me a bit on the mandalas that buddhist monks draw in the sand and which are also erased. There is something eternally touching about beauty and transience.

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Wolfgang Bloch

Ben Keys Reader Find

By Ben Keys in New Art on Saturday 11 June 2011

There’s no question I’ve spent more time looking for waves than riding them. Apparently, that’s part of the fun. I’m not so sure, but it is pretty special stumbling onto a good one after driving half the day. Wolfgang Bloch also knows that moment, when you crest another dusty ridge and first glimpse distant, windswept perfection. His palette of rocky browns and stormy greys bookend perfect pointbreaks, reeling off unridden in some faraway place. It’s the sort of art that encourages you to get off the couch and hit the road. And that’s very cool.

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