Couture headpieces by Japanese artist Katsuya Kamo

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Fashion on Tuesday 3 December 2013

Lady Gaga’s stylist, eat your heart out! Japanese artist Katsuya Kamo will make you envious of his incredible headpiece couture collection that has just run at Tokyo’s Laforet Museum. The exhibition presented 100 examples of hair, hats and head accessories, ‘alongside a reproduction of his personal atelier’. Katsuya Kamo’s headpieces are strictly ‘not-for-sale’ though, so […]

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Wonderfully bizarre shoe design by Noritaka Tatehana

Takahiro Sumida Reader Find

By Takahiro Sumida in New Fashion on Wednesday 16 January 2013

Wondering about those heel-less shoes worn by Lady Gaga? Those are Noritaka Tatehana’s works. He handmakes all his shoes so you have to wait three to five months until you get it. But while you wait, you can spend that time figuring out a opportunity to actually wear them.

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Fang-soled booties by Iris Van Herpen

Bridget Barnett Contributor

By Bridget Barnett in New Fashion on Wednesday 1 February 2012

These incredibly bad-ass Fang-soled booties are from Dutch designer Iris Van Herpen’s Haute Couture Spring Summer 2012 collection. Lady Gaga is, unsuprisingly, a fan.

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The provocative work of Glamadermist David Hevel

Caitlin Clarkson Reader Find

By Caitlin Clarkson in New Art on Wednesday 5 October 2011

Self-proclaimed Glamadermist David Hevel is, in a word, ridiculous. His pop-culture inspired sculptures are delightfully whimsical, tacky, and slightly disturbing all at once.

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Lady Gaga Meat Dress by Pungo Pungo

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in New Fashion on Saturday 30 April 2011

Be more than a piece of meat in Pungo Pungo’s Meat Dress, made out of painted fabric. Enjoy the excitement and head turning looks you’ll get while wearing this dress, without the fragrant sent of raw bacon on your body. This dress works wonders for everything from prom to your next PETA meeting!

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Lagoi and Lace’s Love Land Invaders

Daniel Fletcher Reader Find

By Daniel Fletcher in New Photography on Saturday 9 October 2010

Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace burst onto the avant-art scene this week with an anime-on-acid spectacle dubbed Love Land Invaders. The 53-photo collection captures five part-Gaga, part-Tarantino characters gracing futuristic sets at Japan’s infamously seedy ‘love hotels‘.

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And_I designed Iron Mask

Jess Zaino Reader Find

By Jess Zaino in New Fashion on Thursday 30 September 2010

See Lady Gaga and raise her an iron mask. This fierce metallic face accessory created by AND_I is made of anodized aluminium and trumps any everyday masquerade ball. Perfect for a night out of crusading cocktails.

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Bad Romance: Lissie covers Lady Gaga

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in Video on Friday 30 July 2010

We have all heard our fare share of Lady Gaga covers, but this one tops them all! This cover of Bad Romance is honest, soft, raw, and just awesome. Now, I’m a Gaga fan: anything I can dance to is a win for me. But there is something about Lissie’s gusty voice that makes me […]

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Lady Gaga’s Alejandro video premiere

Casper Johansson Reader Find

By Casper Johansson in Video on Wednesday 9 June 2010

For her latest musical opus, the always fashionable Lady Gaga recruited photographer Steven Klein, best known for his work with Madonna, to make his music video directorial debut. She has described the video as having a ‘homoerotic, military theme’.

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Wigs by Charlie Le Mindu

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Fashion on Thursday 21 January 2010

Forget wigs for kitties! These are just for cool cats. French-born, London-based hair master Charlie Le Mindu creates the most outrageous wigs and hair dresses, tapping the deepest, darkest recesses of his fiery Parisian imagination. His famous clients include MGMT, Peaches and the (almost) equally outrageous, Lady Gaga.

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