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Seungchun Lim

Korean artist Seungchun Lim’s creepy sculptures capture a very distinct feeling of alienation, exclusion, and oppressive loneliness that seems endemic to our current global civilization.

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Spunky Zoe

Crap, Korean artist Spunky Zoe’s surreal, anatomically mashed-up images are unnerving but absolutely captivating.

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Incredible recycled tire sculptures by Yong Ho Ji

Phwoar! Can you believe Korean-born sculptor Yong Ho Ji creates incredibly detailed human, monster and animal figures using layers of purely recycled vehicle tyres? The detail perplexes me.

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Ji Yong-Ho

If you happen to be in Busan, Korea, go check out some of Ji Yong-Ho’s amazing animal sculptures made from old tires.

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Acquiring Signal by David Choong Lee

Korean-born, San Francisco-based artist David Choong Lee has an amazing show up at the LeBasse Projects in Los Angeles. The show features a wall installation of more that 400 pieces … Read more

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Body art by Kim Joon

Korean artist Kim Joon takes body art to a whole new level using his subjects as a creative, sprawling, slightly flawed (hey, we’re only human) canvas on which to create … Read more

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Minjae Lee

Nineteen year-old self-taught Korean artist Minjae Lee creates the most luminous, eye-popping illustrations. They are intricate yet surprisingly accessible, the daring splashes of messily-applied colour accentuating the strong lines that … Read more

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