A look into Australian artist Kid Zoom’s childhood home

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in New Art on Wednesday 6 February 2013

Ian Strange, aka Kid Zoom, is an Australian-born visual artist now based in Brooklyn. Just when we thought we’d lost him to the US forever, he recently returned home to built a giant replica of his childhood home inside Cockatoo Island’s famous Turbine Hall in Sydney. Running for just over a week, the project also […]

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Young and Free exhibition: Australian art in San Francisco

Ben Frost Reader Find

By Ben Frost in New Events on Tuesday 13 September 2011

I’m part of an all-Australian group exhibition at 941 Geary, San Francisco which opened on September 10 called Young and Free. The exhibition features artwork by Ha-Ha, Kid Zoom, Anthony Lister, Vexta, Reka, Dmote, Rone, Meggs, New2 and Sofles. We’ll all be in town, and unlike our convict heritage, we won’t be taking prisoners.

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Interviews with Aussie artists Meggs, Lister and Kid-zoom

Contributions Reader Find

By Marley in Video on Friday 29 July 2011

When three renowned Australian street artists (Meggs, Lister and Kid-zoom) all independently visited the UK in June, VNA Magazine organized a meet up and invited the guys at Itdrewitself along to film the day.

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Kid Zoom

Ben Keys Reader Find

By Ben Keys in New Illustration on Tuesday 11 August 2009

Unable to limit his art to the streets, Kid Zoom has happily defaced banknotes, vintage Playboys, and even his own studio with his brand of eye-catching artwork. A move from the sleepy suburbs of Perth, Australia, has seen Kid take on Sydney, so expect to see a lot more distorted cartoons and weepy skulls on the East coast from now on.

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