Will Love Tear Us Apart: a video game for Joy Division lovers

Erin Emocling Contributor

By Erin Emocling in New Trends on Wednesday 21 August 2013

Launched a couple of months ago, Will Love Tear Us Apart is a free-to-play browser game, loosely based on Joy Division’s hit track, Love Will Tear Us Apart. This black and white video game by Mighty Box takes its users to a depressive and turbulent world of romance. It minces all the song’s verses into confusing and […]

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Playmobil Pop! a new video from Joy Division animator

Contributions Reader Find

By Rob Allen in Video on Saturday 11 February 2012

D.O. Roth, the German video director who brought Joy Division back to life in a Playmobil animation, earning more than 600,000 YouTube viewers, has struck again. Last year, the internet came alive with talk of the legendary band’s 1979 TV performance of Transmission being performed by the toy figures.

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Darkwave cover of Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control

Contributions Reader Find

By Rachel Brown in New Music on Thursday 9 February 2012

Control, a ‘darkwave township house’ cover of the Joy Division classic She’s Lost Control, is the fourth single to be taken from South African producer/DJ Spoek Mathambo’s album, Mshini Wam. The video was shot in Langa, a township in Cape Town and was made using a cast made up mainly of kids from the local […]

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Haunting video for Joy Division’s She’s Lost Control

Kathalijne Van Zutphen Reader Find

By Kathalijne Van Zutphen in New Music on Friday 13 January 2012

Pieter Hugo is one of South Africa’s most talented photographers, probably best known for his Hyena Men, Nollywood and Permanent Error series’. When he ventured off into the world of video, it would only make sense for him to join up with one of the freshest MC’s in the country, Spoek Mathambo. Together they created […]

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Cool video for the Crystal Stilts song Departure

Tom Mead Reader Find

By Tom Mead in New Music on Saturday 12 November 2011

Formed in 2003 by Brad Hargett and JB Townsend in New York, this band is a glorious ‘Noise pop’ blend of Joy Division and Interpol, with a pleasant splattering of their own individuality. It’s my first port of call if I want to get stuck into a big drawing.

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Turquoise: the new single by London band Binary

Samuel Birtwistle Reader Find

By Samuel Birtwistle in New Music on Thursday 3 November 2011

Binary is a small four piece band from London who I managed to catch at a small gig not long ago. A great way to show that dark, post-punk is definitely not dead. With echoes of Joy Division and Echo and the Bunnymen, their spacey brand of music feels so familiar but fresh.

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A visual guide to new Papa Vs Pretty album

Thomas Rawle from Papa Vs Pretty Reader Find

By Thomas Rawle from Papa Vs Pretty in New Music on Wednesday 7 September 2011

The thing I spent a lot of time on recently was the LP for our latest album. I figured it would be really cool to make an LP that was very different. So I was lucky enough to pair up with JP from a company called Vertpixles, who’ve done LPs for Joy Division, Gorrilaz’s Plastic Beach and Grinderman, too.

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The Mutineers: Letting Go (live at the Aftershow)

Garry Cook Reader Find

By Garry Cook in New Music on Tuesday 16 August 2011

I went to see the reincarnation of British indie band New Order (formerly Joy Division) in Manchester. Members of the band which wrote Blue Monday, True faith and Crystal were performing as their new band Bad Lieutenant. But they were blown away by support act The Mutineers, four local lads with an energy better then […]

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Playmobil toys video set to Joy Division music

Lamia Larkin Reader Find

By Lamia Larkin in Video on Thursday 10 February 2011

I’m glad someone had the sense to create a stop-motion music video using Playmobil toys and Joy Division music. It’s the most unlikely of parings, but it works out amazingly. Just try not to smile while watching it.

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