Jon Burgerman New York studio visit

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By itdrewitself in New Illustration on Tuesday 13 March 2012

Secret Walls and Chevy teamed up to produce a series of artist interviews in the lead up to their live art battle at this years SXSW. The first video in the series features an interview with Jon Burgerman at his home in New York City. The video also features a new un-released song from Burgerman’s […]

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Courtney Beck Reader Find

By Courtney Beck in New Music on Tuesday 31 August 2010

What do you get when you combine the most famous doodle artist in the world with a cult figure in the Berlin art underground, then throw in a ukulele, a bunch of masks, an obsession with salad and an overactive sense of worry? Anxieteam is the new musical collaboration between internationally acclaimed visual artists Jon Burgerman and Jim Avignon.

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