Word as Images: a graphic design book by Ji Lee

Dean Christ Reader Find

By Dean Christ in New Design on Saturday 14 April 2012

I came across a wonderful debut book by Korean-born graphic designer Ji Lee called Word As Image. What is great about it is the wit and intelligence used to add life into the words by crafting fonts that visually mimic the meaning behind the word itself. This sounds confusing, so it’s best explained and enjoyed by figuring them out for yourself.

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Ji Lee’s Duchamp Reloaded

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Events on Monday 29 June 2009

New York City artist Ji Lee’s piece, Duchamp Reloaded, which consists of a replica of Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel placed on the street and locked up like a bike, is a pretty hilarious one-liner for art nerds.

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