Video for Japanese band Mono’s Follow The Map

Sam Octigan Reader Find

By Sam Octigan in New Music on Saturday 24 December 2011

In early October, I was lucky enough to experience the Japanese post-rock instrumental quartet Mono, accompanied by the Holy Ground Orchestra as part of the Melbourne Festival. A sweeping, emotive 90 minute spectacle of both joy and sorrow, made stronger by the accompanying full orchestra and the perfect venue of the Forum Theatre.

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Perfume: an all-girl pop trio from Japan

Patrick Gildersleeves Reader Find

By Patrick Gildersleeves in New Music on Friday 7 October 2011

I may be marking myself out as a bit of a nerd here, but I have a guilty pleasure in listening to the poppiest of pop music from the Far East, particularly Japan and South Korea. Perfume, an all-girl trio are my favourite group and they make ridiculously super produced electro pop music.

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