Behold! The drinking jacket ensures you can drink all you want

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Wednesday 14 January 2015

We’re impressed: someone has actually built a hoodie full of secret spots for hiding alcohol. That’s not all: it keeps drinks cold and comes with a bottle opener, neoprene koozie pocket, drinking mitts, sunglass holder and a hidden flask pocket. Elaborate? Hell yeah. Why have it any other way?

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Bold design work by Brooklyn’s Black Hole 929 studio

Michael Amter Contributor

By Michael Amter in New Design on Saturday 18 January 2014

Eli Elysée is the cutting edge force behind the Black Hole 929 studio, based in Brooklyn. The talented industrial designer and contemporary artist was born in Haiti and raised in New York City. Elysée recently won an impressive Urban Living Award in Berlin for his inspired Missing Link jacket, combining functional handles with fashion to […]

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Client’s F2 French army jacket

Tim Cox Reader Find

By Tim Cox in New Fashion on Wednesday 2 December 2009

Tthey say Pixie Geldof wears one, so they must be good! But seriously folks, these unisex green F2 French army jackets are the bomb — no pun intended. They’ve made by UK fashion label, Client and they’ve been customized, so each one is totally unique.

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Claude Maus

This Island Life Contributor

By This Island Life in New Fashion on Wednesday 29 October 2008

If on a picture perfect summer’s day, you find yourself wishing for a blizzard, something is wrong. Very wrong. But don’t panic, this weather preference has nothing to do with hatin’ on sunshine, and everything to do with an infamous leather bomber jacket from Claude Maus. It’ll have you hooked with its luxurious soft leather, stitched front paneling, Italian wool lining and the very necessary detachable hood. If you’re somewhere cold, then chances are you’re nowhere near this Australian-based label. So if you’re looking for a push in the purchase direction, it’ll be pleasing to know that the Aussie dollar ain’t doing too good. Gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘investment piece’, doesn’t it?

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