James Gulliver Hancock draws all the buildings in NYC

Gavin Aung Than Reader Find

By Gavin Aung Than in New Illustration on Monday 16 April 2012

James Gulliver Hancock has to be one of the craziest illustrators in the world: he has decided to draw every single building in New York. The Australian-based Hancock spent some time living in the Big Apple and fell in love with the city so much, he dedicated most of his time to capture every single building in his unique and quirky style. You can follow his obsessive craziness at his blog.

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Howkapow: a new online design shop

Contributions Reader Find

By Monica Davison in Cool Websites on Friday 1 April 2011

Howkapow is a new online design shop which supports emerging designers and illustrators. Everything is pretty lary and colourful, and it’s based in Bristol, not London, for once. It’s run by young husband and wife duo, Cat and Rog How, who have just started a new range of collaborations with young graduates.

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