Cultural satire cartoons by Peter Arkle

Eugenia Viti Reader Find

By Eugenia Viti in New Art on Tuesday 26 March 2013

A cartoonist for many well-known magazines, Peter Arkle has got some witty stuff. His cartoons are simple enough to easily get, but also speak deeply about society and cultural views. When he talks about his art, he says that he likes to mix writing with art in order to “cheat” into some good material. Very […]

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Street artist Phlegm creates gorgeous spidery street art

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Art on Friday 22 March 2013

Sheffield street artist Phlegm is at it again. His long-legged, spidery creatures are stalking the streets and hitch hiking right before your eyes. These fantastic black and white creatures are well placed to interact with their environment. and posses a well though out quality. I love their hand drawn feel. And guess what? Phlegm is releasing […]

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Sketch Travel: 70 artists collaborate for the Room to Read literacy non-profit

Vincent Serritella Reader Find

By Vincent Serritella in New Art on Thursday 28 February 2013

Dice Tsutsumi, of Pixar and Gerald Guerlais, was able to bring more than 70 artists together for this Sketch Travel project. The only requirement was to hand-deliver the sketchbook to a fellow artist. The project will culminate in an auction of the original book and the proceeds will be donated to the international literacy non-profit, […]

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Charmingly whimsical and cheeky drawings by Garth

Contributions Reader Find

By Meliana Salim in New Illustration on Tuesday 1 January 2013

Garth is an artist residing in a little village in southern France. A self-admitted lover of the absurd, the profound, the banal and the beautiful, Garth’s drawings and illustrations are brilliantly simplistic but never boring, whimsical and often tongue-in-cheek. In Garth’s words: ‘The artist is a magician, the paint brush a wand’. The world according to Garth is indeed a magical place: an original wonderland where ideas, characters and thoughts fall down the rabbit hole and come to life.

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Matthew Cook: Illustrations in a time of war

Ed Tucker Reader Find

By Ed Tucker in New Illustration on Saturday 8 December 2012

There can be few greater draughtsmen than Matthew Cook. He first came to my attention when I saw him give a talk about his work as the Times’ war artist in Iraq – stunning drawings and amazing stories. He also does some rather fine illustrated maps.

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Mike Hall: illustrated maps of London

Ben Jensen Reader Find

By Ben Jensen in New Illustration on Thursday 15 November 2012

If you’re lost in London, this guy might just be able to help you. Mike Hall is an illustrator specialising in making maps of the London boroughs. Exquisitely hand-drawn, they are beautifully coloured and each is presented with its own distinctive decorations specific to that particular area.

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Vibrant, colourful illustrations by Melbourne artist Lwnski

Ben Ashton-Bell Reader Find

By Ben Ashton-Bell in New Art on Saturday 5 May 2012

I’m excited to have recently discovered Lwnski. The Melbourne-based illustrator and I are paired up in an upcoming exhibition titled True Self. His bold use of colour, mixed with typography and loose lines, just works. It’s well worth a look at his band posters, too. So cool.

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Clever Doodles by Gracki

Jacob Klensin Reader Find

By Jacob Klensin in New Illustration on Thursday 3 May 2012

The doodles created by Gracki are casually done, sometimes carefully thought out stories, showing the ongoing adventures of her own characters. Other times, they are the product of daydreams, wondering what would happen if Rhinos tried to play soccer or how a giraffe would be treated at an amusement park. 

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New designs by Infinity Prints

Travis Lawrence Reader Find

By Travis Lawrence in New Design on Monday 30 April 2012

Influenced by the subtle use of symbols, I use the art of printmaking to convey subconscious imagery through the form of multiples. Pulling inspiration from Jungian psychology and mythology, my art presents iconic visuals shrouded in simplistic mystery.

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Tattoo illustrations by Sergio Mora

Catalina Estrada Reader Find

By Catalina Estrada in New Art on Saturday 28 April 2012

Sergio Mora is probably one of my favorite artists ever. I just can’t get enough of looking at his adorable tattoo series. And his illustrations and paintings are absolutely captivating. I love the humor and the surrealism in his pieces. Just when I think he couldn’t get better, he comes up with a new piece that totally blows my mind.

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Animation by Tali Gal-On

Dylan Truscio Reader Find

By Dylan Truscio in New Art on Tuesday 24 April 2012

Tali Gal-On is a good friend of my band Polo Club and a true talent. She has the most amazing voice, and has recorded a heap of stuff for us over the past year. She also does the coolest animations and design. All the Milk and Cookies stuff is for sale. I just love the […]

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Ghostly illustrations by Lars Henkel

Melissa Kojima Reader Find

By Melissa Kojima in New Illustration on Wednesday 18 April 2012

Lars Henkel has received awards and recognition from around the world for his vintage inspired ink and digital illustrations with a ghostly and ethereal look. Each illustration seems to be a glimpse through the fog or a clue to a mysterious past. This mysterious quality keeps me coming back for more, hoping to find the answers, but knowing the mystery is the answer itself.

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Marker illustrations and murals by Yosuke Goda

Nini Baseema Contributor

By Nini Baseema in New Illustration on Tuesday 10 April 2012

Japanese artist Yosuke Goda draws large-scale illustrations and murals with nothing but a black marker. Her works reveal her great sense for detail and a passion for fantastic landscapes.

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Drawings of Crowds: series by Jess Worby

Chi Birmingham Reader Find

By Chi Birmingham in New Illustration on Thursday 5 April 2012

In his comics and illustrations Jess Worby draws connections between the small moments of absurdity in everyday life and the potential they hold for deeper meaning. In his Crowds drawings, soldiers and businessmen fill the space up to the horizon and give in to anarchic impulses. His comic, A Walk In the Park, plays with the conventions of a classic self discovery narrative in a way that both celebrates and makes light of that tradition.

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New illustrations from Tuomas Ikonen

Tuomas Ikonen Reader Find

By Tuomas Ikonen in New Illustration on Saturday 31 March 2012

I’m an illustrator and artist from Helsinki, Finland. I spend my days creating images of disturbingly happy antropomorphic creatures from the yesteryear of alternate reality lives. Lately, I’ve been having a blast illustrating books, magazines and record covers.

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