Stone Roses announce reunion tour for June 2012

Sam Octigan Reader Find

By Sam Octigan in New Events on Friday 28 October 2011

So, after more than fifteen years of denying they would ever reunite, the legendary Manchester band has done just that, announcing three shows next June and selling those out in record breaking time. Met with both speculation from critics as a
cash grab and as the second coming/the resurrection/what the world’s been waiting for (take your pick) from fans, at least King Monkey and Squire are mates again.

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Ian Brown shoes by designer Kazuki Kuraishi

Flux Magazine Reader Find

By Flux Magazine in New Fashion on Thursday 21 April 2011

Japanese designer Kazuki Kuraishi has come up with the Ian Brown ObyO KZK shoes for adidas Originals and the ex-Stone Roses frontman has his very own limited edition with a bit of his monkey magic tattooed all over it.

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