Enlightening book lamp by studiomeiboom

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Products on Saturday 19 May 2012

We’ve seen many lamps, but none of them can promise enlightenment like this one. The Light Up Your World lamp looks like any other regular joe of a book on your shelves, until you find the switch that lets you literally see the light. This bright book is a 9 watt energy-saving lamp and made of white Plexiglas.

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T.SHELF: J1studio’s triangular shelf modular

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Design on Saturday 19 May 2012

Away with boring building blocks. J1studio’s T.SHELF or triangular shelf is a modular system that allows you to sculpt armies of triangles into any form you like. You can vary widths, lengths and depths, plus go on to snake these sculpture-like forms across walls or floors. It’s just unbelievably cool.

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Beautiful animal themed trays for lavish receptions

Contributions Reader Find

By Eve Politanoff in New Design on Saturday 15 October 2011

These are beautiful trays for special occasions and for lavish receptions. These legendary figures, adorned with amazing fabrics of velvet, damask or starched ruffs, hang on the walls of our drawing rooms, like a gallery of famous ancestors.

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John Pour Home

Kate Barnett Reader Find

By Kate Barnett in New Products on Thursday 8 May 2008

I’d rather get dirt in the house or spill my red wine on the couch than walk on these amazing typographic rugs from John Pour Home. They are bound to make me obsessive compulsive, checking friends and families’ shoes with military precision before I let them inside.

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