World’s first Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant is opening in Hong Kong

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Food and Packaging on Thursday 14 May 2015

Pack your bags and get those chopsticks ready – the world’s first Hello Kitty Chinese restaurant is officially opening its doors in Hong Kong this June.

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How weird can Hello Kitty get in a museum? Pretty darn weird, trust me

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in Cool Travel on Tuesday 13 January 2015

Hello Kitty is a Japanese character for kids, right? Um, I’m not so sure after scrolling through Mark Fauenfelder’s photos of the Hello Kitty exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles.

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This revelation about Hello Kitty is completely baffling

Milo Sumner Contributor

By Milo Sumner in New Trends on Sunday 31 August 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, please may we have your attention. We have some extremely confusing news: Hello Kitty is NOT a cat… You read that correctly. The majority of us will have never even spared a thought for the world-famous Japanese icon, and it’s unlikely that any of those that have will have questioned whether or Hello Kitty is indeed feline.

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Superheroes made even more superb with Hello Kitty makeovers

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Tuesday 22 July 2014

Even superheroes, it appears, are no match for the banal appeal of Hello Kitty. So this is what happens when superheroes become Hello Kitty heroes: they go into a pink frenzy and get ribbons everywhere. Like the cat with no mouth, we are lost for words.

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English horse trainer spent £50,000 on Hello Kitty collection of 10,000 items

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in New Trends on Thursday 3 July 2014

Horse trainer Natasha Goldsmith, aged 29, shares a flat with £50,000 worth of ‘Hello Kitty’ collectibles that she has collected for the past 15 years. Her 10,000 kitty items include jewelry, furniture, clothing, curtains, and 4,000 cuddly toys. She has no regrets sacrificing holidays and chichi dinners to fund her feline hobby. Boyfriends are no exception either as she purred: ‘Boyfriends in the past have tried to make me give her up, so I got rid of them. It’s part of who I am and I’m not changing for anybody’.

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Hello Kitty eye contacts, anyone?

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Fashion on Friday 27 September 2013

Ladies, a piece of advice: When a guy makes eye contact, draw him in not with an intimate stare or a fiery gaze, but with Hello Kitty eyes. Guys love to get lost in love by staring at Hello Kitty eyeballs. True story. Grab the attention of every man with these Hello Kitty eye contacts. You can either have a large Hello Kitty on your whole eyeball or a set of mini faces that circle around the pupil. They come in green, gray, blue, pink, brown, purple, black, and chocolate, of course.

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Hello Kitty launches Banana Beer for women

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Products on Thursday 26 September 2013

It’s hard to avoid Hello Kitty these days (toy stores, bookstores, grocery stores–she’s everywhere!) and soon when you visit your local bar in China or Taiwan, you’ll be greeted with that super sweet feline’s smile – on a beer can! Hello Kitty marketers say these new fruit-flavored beers (banana, peach, lemon-lime, passion fruit) are targeted towards women, with each can containing just 2.5% alcohol content (half of a Budweiser).

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Cats dressed as Hello Kitty

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Tuesday 23 July 2013

We wondered if any adoring Hello Kitty fan who’s also a cat owner would actually dress their cat as the mouthless doll. Yes, the answer is yes. Must say though, these kitties certainly don’t look very pleased. Watch out for the surprise appearance by a photoshopped Grumpy Cat and a sheepish-looking chihuahua.

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Hello Kitties with identity crisis

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Trends on Friday 12 July 2013

It’s not unusual to see cartoon plush toys disguised as other characters, usually in some weird cosplay-like outfit. Hello Kitty, we’ve found, seems especially susceptible. Is it cute, borderline psychotic (‘OMG! They killed xxx’), or just confusing? You decide.

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Hello Kitty Proton Pack

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Trends on Thursday 27 October 2011

The people over at DVICE spotted this amazing Hello Kitty proton pack at the recent New York Comic Con. Can this guy mass produce these things?

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Hello Kitty shoes by Gio Forbice

Flux Magazine Reader Find

By Flux Magazine in New Fashion on Tuesday 19 July 2011

The latest in the line of collaborations from the Japanese creators of Hello Kitty see’s Italian designer Gio Forbice’s FORFEX scattering mini-Sanrio characters over his famous Space Boot.

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Hello Kitty Toy mash-ups

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Products on Tuesday 24 August 2010

These extraordinary Hello Kitty Toy mash-ups were done by Joseph Senior using the Stiletto Ninja-designed Hello Kitty Model Kit. Sweet!

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The real Hello Kitty revealed

Zolton Editor

By Zolton in New Design on Thursday 15 October 2009

Who said Hello Kitty wasn’t real? Well, as real as plastic can get, anyway. These Hello Kitty Anatomy toys have been designed by Dr. Romanelli and open a window to the inner workings of these iconic Japanese characters.

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