Lucy Folk’s food-themed jewellery is so tasty it’s almost edible

Play Melbourne Contributor

By Play Melbourne in New Fashion on Friday 5 June 2015

If you love food just as much as you love jewellery, read on. There’s a very quirky boutique you need to check out in Melbourne’s CBD: Lucy Folk. Opened in 2011 by jewellery designer Lucy Folk, today her namesake flagship store is jam packed full of pizza, nachos, chips, and other iconic Aussie snacks – all in jewellery form!

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Pin this brooch to wear a piece of literature you’ve enjoyed reading

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in New Design on Wednesday 27 August 2014

You can now wear a piece of literature you’ve enjoyed reading, thanks to the crafty hands of London-based artist Sarah of House of Ismay. She has created decorative pins made from reclaimed wood covered with the worn out pages from many classic books. Each handmade brooch features the name of an important character or a well-known excerpt and quote, and they are then paired with relevant shapes.

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Handmade wooden iPhone cases by the Alto Collective

Jonathan Leeming Contributor

By Jonathan Leeming in New Products on Tuesday 14 January 2014

I love these handmade wooden iPhone cases from the Alto Collective in Canada, a KickStarter project that has significantly exceeded its $17,000 fundraising goal. Designed for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, the cases are made from a polycarbonate case with a handcrafted wood veneer bonded to the back, making them thin and light, but more durable than most full wood cases.

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These miniature dead man’s feet will make any book a killer read

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Art on Monday 11 November 2013

Tacky? Sure. Fun? Hell yeah. Having a pair of legs sticking out of a book has got to be one of the best — if macabre — ways we could never have thought of for a bookmark. Ukraine-based Etsy seller and ex-architect Olena Mysnyk, who is responsible for this polymer clay madness, makes these leggy […]

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Cuddle up with a Grizzly Bear bean bag

Inigo del Castillo Contributor

By Inigo del Castillo in New Products on Tuesday 17 September 2013

Etsy seller Chicsindesigndotcom wants you to rest and sit on top of a sleeping grizzly bear. It’s not only a good living room fixture, but it can also be a guard dog.. err, bear for uninvited guests. If you can’t handle grizzly bears, you can rest your toosh on either a brich wood or a cotton wood.

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Vintage tea cup candles from Sydney-based Whiskers Lane

Cormack O'Connor Contributor

By Cormack O'Connor in New Products on Tuesday 19 February 2013

Whiskers Lane are a company from Sydney that make lovely jewelry, accessories and homewares. And everything they create is handmade. Starting off in 2010, the brand has slowly grown and is now stocked all over Australia and in parts of New Zealand and Europe. One of my favourite products they create is their vintage tea […]

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Jewellery by Koko and Beau

Contributions Reader Find

By Rachael Jane in New Fashion on Friday 14 September 2012

Coveting the arm candy sported by fashionistas worldwide? With its colourful faux suede charm bracelets and ever so hipster triangle necklaces, newly relaunched UK jewellery boutique Koko and Beau has the answer to your prayers. Stand out from the crowd with the quirky deer earrings, or add a pop of colour to your look with their glossy double triangle necklaces.

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From the LAEM Store: Moon Raven jewellery designs

Alison Shepard Contributor

By Alison Shepard in New Products on Friday 22 June 2012

Nature with attitude, jewelry inspired by the crows, wolves, bears, and bones in the world. Handmade in Canada, Moon Raven Designs brings an edgy elegance to antlers, claws, teeth and skulls in their unique pendants and rings. Shop now for their Hummingbird Skull Necklace in the Lost At E Minor online store.

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TWTH (The World is Tired to Hate) t shirts

Contributions Reader Find

By Tina in New Fashion on Saturday 3 December 2011

TWTH for The World is Tired to Hate (Mahatma Gandhi). This brand, created in Brooklyn, has launched artists like Alex Show and Mat Mych. Today, some TWTH t-shirts are estimated at $200, depending on the model year and the signature of the artist. TWTH now offers a collection of graphic t-shirts handmade from $35 to $75. The brand moved to Europe and has disseminated these t-shirts in the underground shops outside the channels of commerce and officials. The list of stores, called the T-list, will not be disclosed.

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Laser cut wooden jewelry by Sonho

Contributions Reader Find

By ashley grey in New Fashion on Wednesday 16 November 2011

Sonho makes sweet, unique charms that separates itself from the rest of the laser-cut jewelry out there. These pendants are handmade in Baltimore using birch, brass components and a whole lot of cuteness.

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Star Trek and Star Wars bedtime books

Contributions Reader Find

By Merzipan in New Art on Thursday 6 October 2011

The title of Best Mom Ever has officially been won. Julie made her babies these Star Trek and Star Wars felt activity books. With a couple of tribbles, er, quibbles, I have to say these are possibly the only books a toddler could ever need. Now I understand the hipster fetish for Mormon Mommy Blogs. Sign me up for adoption.

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Recycled jewellery by Sara Lynch

Contributions Reader Find

By Ms. S in New Fashion on Sunday 24 July 2011

Sara Lynch is an artist who lives so far north in New York State that she is almost Canadian. She makes hybrid functional ceramic sculptures and crazy mixed-media paintings on old clothing. But it’s her new line of jewellery that I’m interested in right now.

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BirdProject: handmade soaps to benefit the birds

Contributions Reader Find

By Mallory in New Products on Monday 20 June 2011

BirdProject soaps are handmade in New Orleans and filled with a ceramic bird at center, which remains as a keepsake once the outer soap has been washed away. Created to be a powerful representation of all creatures affected by the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster, 50 percent of profits from the sale of these […]

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Mariano Gilmore and Belle

Contributions Reader Find

By Chuck Moore in New Music on Thursday 17 March 2011

Mariano Gilmore and Belle are a music and art duo formed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their first collective work is called Una Catarata de Caramelos (A Cascade of Candies), a limited edition of 500 handmade copies made and recorded in their home studio. In this album/art piece you can see the influence of the British and Argentinean music of the 60s. [Listen here]

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Crocheted Beard-Hat by Tara Duff

Contributions Reader Find

By Merzipan in New Fashion on Tuesday 8 March 2011

Ummmm, is there anything more to say than AWESOME? Tara Duff is capitalizing on pure awesome with these masculinity-boosting facewarmers.

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