Psychedelic pop songwriter Chase Hamblin

Chadwick and Spector Reader Find

By Chadwick and Spector in New Music on Saturday 17 March 2012

A descendant of gypsies and a Vaudeville songwriter, Chase Hamblin is a psychedelic pop songwriter who has traveled the world over. His music defies categorization. It’s a bit of everything you’d want to hear. And he’s cool to look at, too. Wink wink.

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Korkoro: a moving exploration of Gypsy life

Contributions Reader Find

By Merzipan in New Film on Tuesday 17 May 2011

I just returned from seeing Korkoro and I am a maelstrom of emotions. Its short, lush scenes tell a tense tale of gypsies in WWII France, but that narrative is drowned out by its intense cinematic poetry, with odes to running, joy, anxiety, nature, novelty, bewilderment, unfairness, kindness, and music that is in your bones […]

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