Hiptipico: quality goods from Guatemalan artisans

Cinthya Lopez Reader Find

By Cinthya Lopez in New Products on Tuesday 31 July 2012

Being from Guatemala, I know first hand the kind of struggle that people living in my home country face everyday. Hiptipico is a socially conscious online store, buying goods from Guatemalan artisans at fair prices, and distributing them to the rest of the world. Retail therapy has its perks.

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Surreal illustrations by Guatemalan artist Muxxi

Mat Miller Reader Find

By Mat Miller in New Illustration on Thursday 26 April 2012

Muxxi is an illustrator and graphic designer from Guatemala City. Her work depicts imaginary creatures and surrealistic worlds. Ever since I discovered Muxxi’s work around a year ago, I have been hooked. Her beautifully composed arrangements of characters, colour, and shape take you to a fanciful world that you will rarely want to step out of.

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Los Peches in Flores, Guatemala

Katrina Whitehead Reader Find

By Katrina Whitehead in Cool Travel on Friday 17 April 2009

Bird-flu epidemic aside, I’ve found that no matter where you are in the world — from Peru to Paris — there’ll always be chicken on the menu. And while I’ve eaten plenty of chook over the years, I think I recently found my favourite — in a small, family-run restaurant called Los Peches on the […]

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