Construct LEGO creations all over the globe with Google Chrome

Rebekah Rhoden Contributor

By Rebekah Rhoden in Cool Websites on Tuesday 26 February 2013

Thanks to Google Chrome, now you can build LEGO creations all over the globe. From the comfort and convenience of your computer, you can create and build anywhere on the map. Just find an empty plot and commence construction. The world is your LEGO set.

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100,000 Stars: travel through space on Google Chrome

Lucas Jatoba Reader Find

By Lucas Jatoba in Cool Websites on Saturday 24 November 2012

I was blown away by this project! 100,000 Stars is an interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood created for the Google Chrome web browser. It shows the location of 119,617 nearby stars. Zooming in reveals 87 individually identified stars and our solar system. So fascinating, I was there ‘travelling’ for a long time.

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Google Chrome app erases Chris Brown from the web

Bridget Barnett Contributor

By Bridget Barnett in Tech on Friday 21 September 2012

The clever people over at Toronto-based website AUX have just launched the Chris Brownout – a Google Chrome app that erases all mentions of Chris Brown from the web. The perfect app for those who don’t want to be reminded of a dude who behaves appallingly and gets an obnoxious reminder tattooed on his neck. […]

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Create Lego plots with Google Chrome

Karla Courtney Reader Find

By Karla Courtney in Cool Websites on Wednesday 5 September 2012

This is so cool and out of control I can’t handle it. Users of the Google Chrome browser can visit this website to explore Google maps, build their own LEGO plots with a 3D builder tool, and see other people’s creations. As if getting work done wasn’t hard enough. Come visit me at Karla manor.

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3 Dreams of Black: interactive video for the song Black

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Trends on Wednesday 18 May 2011

If you’ve got Google Chrome, check out this new interactive video directed by Chris Milk for the song Black by ROME, a supergroup featuring Danger Mouse, Danielle Luppi, Jack White, and Norah Jones. 3 Dreams of Black features video footage, CGI, and 2D graphics and is designed to showcase web technologies such as WebGL.

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Interactive webfilm that takes you home

Contributions Reader Find

By Martin Fleming in New Trends on Thursday 2 September 2010

The Wilderness Downtown is an amazing interactive web film by Chris Milk and some guys over at Google. Taking your hometown, it incorporates Google Earth and Google Street view into a unique visual experience that literally comes alive with melody and feeling. It utilizes motion within the Google Chrome browser to create a sort of […]

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