GOOD create human infographic to attack traffic congestion

Riley Kane Reader Find

By Riley Kane in New Trends on Tuesday 14 February 2012

Mono joined forces with GOOD to create a new platform to take on social, economic and environmental issues. GOOD Attacks! uses microvolunteering as a vehicle to raise attention to a problem and spark change. Our first GOOD Attack! was in L.A. attacking the problem of traffic congestion. We leveraged GOOD’s well known use of infographics […]

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The Good 30 day challenge: Creative Microphilanthropy

David Gaz Reader Find

By David Gaz in New Trends on Tuesday 7 February 2012

When I came across this challenge on the Good website, I was floored. I’m a big fan of crowd sourcing and how powerful the small things in life can be. I believe that a million tiny acts of kindness can have more impact than a few great big ones. Not only does it help people […]

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The Definitive Drinker’s Dictionary in Brooklyn

Chris Rubino Reader Find

By Chris Rubino in Cool Travel on Friday 16 October 2009

Chemically inconvenienced, distinguished, at peace with the floor, every single ‘-faced’ prefix, all phrases amongst the 2,964 synonyms for being totally wasted. DRUNK, The Definitive Drinker’s Dictionary by Paul Dickson, has been illustrated by former New York Times Art Director, recent GOOD Magazine Guest Art Director and current temporary Stockholm resident, Brian Rea. His hilarious and whimsical pieces are hanging right now in Brooklyn’s own Melville House. Stop in for a look, check the book and exit immediately to the nearest glass of whiskey. Being drunk never has been so explicable.

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GOOD Magazine: You Are What You Eat

Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Photography on Wednesday 27 May 2009

GOOD Magazine recently posted a series of photos by Mark Menjivar, who photographed strangers’ refrigerators to see what their contents reveal about the the people who stock them.

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