Museums Press: independent publishing house in Glasgow

Keith Greiman Reader Find

By Keith Greiman in New Trends on Tuesday 15 May 2012

Museums Press is a wonderful, independent publishing house based in Glasgow. They print a variety of artsy books and zines pooling from talented creative types all over the world. The next time you find yourself in Scotland, be sure to pop into their store and gallery space, Good Press, and say hello.

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Paper and scissors collage art by Lola Dupre

Contributions Reader Find

By Kepa in New Art on Saturday 24 December 2011

Lola Dupre is a collage artist from Glasgow, Scotland, who produces highly detailed and fractured collage art. Her work is made the old-fashioned way, with paper and scissors. Eye catching and contorted works cover almost every topic: browsing her site you can see celebrity portraits, animals, fashion editorials, political caricature and reworked classical art images.

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Victor Albrow’s character photography

Troy Mattison Hicks Reader Find

By Troy Mattison Hicks in New Photography on Thursday 14 October 2010

Odd yet beautiful new work from Victor Albrow. These characters are somewhat fragile, each with their own special sadness and creepy inner-turmoil. They could definitely be extras on an early David Lynch movie set. His work is currently exhibited in Glasgow at Street Level Photoworks.

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Gerry Mak Reader Find

By Gerry Mak in New Music on Wednesday 27 August 2008

Stretchheads were a great, spazzy punk band from Erskine just outside of Glasgow. They were a group of merry pranksters for the nuclear age, crunching out frantic, sproingy squall with a demented sense of humor, predating the Boredoms and transcending the spikes-and-leather punk scene that had begun to wear out its welcome in the UK […]

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