The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo graphic novel

Leonard Corcuera Reader Find

By Leonard Corcuera in New Art on Friday 5 April 2013

With the release of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s graphic novel, we get four ideas of the iconic Lisbeth Salander: the one we imagined while reading the novel, the Noomi Rapace version, the Rooney Mara version, and now the graphic novels. How I wish Stieg Larsson was still alive so I can thank him […]

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Amazing animation by Onur Senturk

Jon Lezinsky Reader Find

By Jon Lezinsky in Video on Saturday 2 June 2012

The first time I saw Onur Senturk’s animation, called Triangle, for a book showcasing Robert Knoke’s artwork, I was blown away. His dark visuals are woven with haunting sound effects that slowly grip you with tension. Onur’s background in traditional painting and figure drawing is quite apparent in his animation work. His most recent masterpiece is the […]

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Girl with the Dragon Tattoo opening sequence

The Flying Dutchman Reader Find

By The Flying Dutchman in New Film on Friday 9 March 2012

For anyone who saw the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, they were no doubt as jolted into Salander’s world as I was by the opening sequence. I found myself grinning ear-to-ear in anticipation of what David Fincher’s going to inflict on us this time and he did not disappoint. So I recently came across this beautiful breakdown [see below] of the design process, which includes the original credit sequence. If you haven’t seen the film, check this out.

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