Creepy skeletal garden gnomes

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in New Products on Friday 29 November 2013

Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a family of skeletal garden gnomes┬áliving in your front lawn. These creepy lawn ornaments are sure to get a reaction. Whether you love them or hate them, I think everyone can admit they’re really funny and unexpected.

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Zombie Garden Gnomes by Chris Stever and Jane DeRosa

Barry Morris Reader Find

By Barry Morris in New Products on Wednesday 6 June 2012

Ever wondered what happens to all those garden gnomes you’ve had over the years who’ve been broken whilst your kids play football, cracked due to the frost and bad weather? Some go to gnome heaven and the bad ones, well, they end up in gnome hell. But when gnome hell is full, the dead gnomes […]

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Sydney’s Little Gnome Garden

Sonya Gee Reader Find

By Sonya Gee in Cool Travel on Tuesday 17 February 2009

This isn’t an outdoor art installation, but it is still somewhat curated. Or maybe hoarded is a better description. Somewhere in the inner western suburb of Sydney’s Summer Hill, there is a brightly coloured collection of garden gnomes on display. The owner of the home is yet to be seen, but there are hundreds of gnomes, side by side, all with equally dopey expressions on their faces and accompanied by a second fixation: caterpillar soft toys. There are so many gnomes, the garden is no longer visible. Maybe it’s an Amelie style prank that has just piled up over the years?

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