70 artists turn this office building into a huge art gallery before it gets demolished

Kenny Ong Contributor

By Kenny Ong in New Art on Tuesday 30 September 2014

The face of Tokyo is changing at a quick pace, Many old buildings are being torn down to make way for new facilities planned for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Recently, one such office building in the Kojimachi area was repossessed by a group of 70 artists who gave it their makeover version on every floor.

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Hyper-surrealistic rebirth installation by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Art on Friday 13 December 2013

What could life be like after we die? An interesting question thought the Chinese artist duo, Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, who created a huge gel and fiberglass installation based on a 14 minute video interview with Peng Yu’s mother. In the short video, she tells us about how her rebirth would be. Inspired by […]

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A House with a Drive-Thru Art Gallery: It’s Actually A Thing

Rachel Oakley Contributor

By Rachel Oakley in New Art on Thursday 24 October 2013

Because you have so much money and every wall is already hanging a masterpiece, you might as well invest in a home that comes with a drive-thru art gallery. Designed by architects at KWK Promes, the Autofamily House, as it’s called, was brought about in the age of the eco-friendly car where families can now enjoy driving into the house.

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Scandinavian art duo create humorous installations

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Art on Tuesday 22 October 2013

It´s a little funny to hear that the Scandinavian art duo Elmgreen and Dragset don’t call themselves ‘artists’. But after seeing their unconventional and even absurd work, we simply have to disagree. Even after more than a decade of collaboration, their installations and other creations are still very humorous, based on Foucault´s thesis that ‘It is the acceptance of certain behavioral patterns, within given structures, and not the structures, themselves, that restricts human action and activity’.

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Breeze Block Gallery: a staple of contemporary art in Portland

Conrad Crespin Reader Find

By Conrad Crespin in New Art on Monday 5 August 2013

Breeze Block Gallery has a special place in my heart. Now approaching its seventh year in existence, the gallery is a staple of the new contemporary art movement in Portland. And the owner, Paige Prendergast, is veritable tour de force. She knows everyone, and accomplishes more on her lunch break than you did in all […]

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Artist Robert Barta scatters 500,000 ball bearings for visitors to walk on

Mareike Muller Contributor

By Mareike Muller in New Art on Monday 22 July 2013

What’s more fun than going to an art gallery to enjoy art? Being part of it! Prague-born artist Robert Barta is known for his very sophisticated artwork. His latest installation, Crossing Half A Million Stars, is the icing on the cake. Some 500,000 ball bearings are spread out in the Galerie Sherin Najjar in Berlin.

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Australian artist Jason John’s Psychological Realism paintings

Contributions Reader Find

By Lin Shi in New Art on Thursday 25 April 2013

Painter Jason John works in the style of Psychological Realism to explore the complexities of identity in relation to memory and ones social world. John’s extraordinarily detailed figures caught in dramatic environment of uneasiness and spatial fluxes are attempts to accurately reflect deeper psychological realities. Oftentimes, figures are partially concealed, thus taking away any personal […]

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Photos show life on the Yangtze by Nadav Kander

Ryan Leitner Reader Find

By Ryan Leitner in New Photography on Thursday 11 October 2012

Though my photography is more ‘gutteral’ and ‘unhinged’ than Nadav Kander’s, his work holds deep inspiration for me. After winning the Prix Pictet for his work documenting life on the Yangtze, he has put together a show at New York’s Flower Gallery on October 18 for the images. I’ll be there with my shirt tucked in.

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Kay Colvin’s L Street Fine Art Gallery in San Diego

Michael Carini Reader Find

By Michael Carini in New Art on Thursday 6 September 2012

A work of art in itself, the breathtaking and luxurious OMNI Hotel shelters and provides a home to their very own art gallery. L Street Fine Art is operated and overseen by the lovely and kindhearted Kay Colvin. Just a glimpse away from PETCO Park, L Street has developed a reputation for exhibitions that hit the ball out of the park. 

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Showcase Gallery launch exhibition in Sydney

Contributions Reader Find

By Ilona Marchetta in New Art on Saturday 23 July 2011

Showcase Gallery officially opened in Darlinghurst this month, providing one a new avenue in Australia that supports creative professionals wanting to develop their artistic profile.

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Adam and Eve in crochet and collage

Contributions Reader Find

By Sarah Howell in New Events on Tuesday 28 September 2010

Sydney and London-based artists Kirsten Fredericks and Sarah Howell explore the holiest of power couples in their first joint exhibition: Adam and Eve. The artists invite viewers to sample the fruits in their Garden of Eden, with works that explore the masculine and feminine, the playfulness of sex, kitschy animalia and a uniquely perverse, tongue-in-cheek […]

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Melbourne’s Cardboard City installation

Contributions Reader Find

By tam able miss baker in New Events on Friday 17 September 2010

Able Miss Baker and friends are taking over the ₤1000 Pound Bend gallery space on Melbourne’s Little Londsdale Street and turning into an enormous cardboard wonderland city installation, complete with a maze and an infinite forest. The city isn’t just an installation. It’s also as sturdy as it is massive and has been made for […]

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Impala Gallery’s We Ride No Brakes Too!

Dave Mata Reader Find

By Dave Mata in New Events on Friday 19 February 2010

After several years of curating art work at events and bars around town, myself and a few friends decided to get a space of our own. Although our first opening isn’t until this coming weekend, we allowed Ben at RVCA to host an event in our gallery. This is a video from the night featuring […]

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