Internet as a galaxy: an interactive map

Annie Churdar Contributor

By Annie Churdar in Cool Websites on Saturday 24 August 2013

Do you remember those cool NASA solar system simulation websites that would let you click and zoom in on planets? Well, Ruslan Enikeev took that concept and applied it to the Internet in a humorous way. Internet as a galaxy is an interactive map that works as an overview of all the different search engines accessing the Internet. If the Internet is our galaxy, then the search engine are planets. So go on, try exploring some new planets.

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Meeting of two galaxies

Low Lai Chow Contributor

By Low Lai Chow in New Photography on Tuesday 20 November 2012

Whether the universe is finite or infinite, surely it has room for more than one galaxy to exist in the same space at the same time. Which is exactly what this picture — assembled from three sets of pictures taken in 2002 using blue, orange and near-infrared filters — of two colliding galaxies named The […]

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Galaxify! Write messages using real galaxies as font

Demi He Contributor

By Demi He in Cool Websites on Friday 14 September 2012

Who says you can’t write your name with galaxies?! This stellar website (pun intended) writes messages in real galaxies in the form of the alphabet. Each galaxy that resembles a letter is generated according to the message the user wants to ‘galaxify’. Users can generate different combinations of galaxies to best resemble their phrase. Once generated, users can save the image and look at what galaxies were used in the image. I’ve used Lost At E Minor as an example for the galaxy images. Now go Galaxify! 

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Nebula Necklaces by Romantiques

Contributions Reader Find

By Technoplastique in New Fashion on Saturday 19 February 2011

This series of Nebula Necklaces is the most recent project of artist and jewelry designer Kris DeGraeve. These space inspired pendants have a depth that makes you feel like you are gazing into a distant galaxy. Each pendant is one-of-a-kind and available at Romantiques.

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